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Date added: 23/10/2014 Team Orion Professional Sensor Wires

If you drive at the highest level of racing everything needs to be perfect: who wants to lose a race because of a loose screw, a badly glued tire - or a disconnected sensor wire? That's why Team Orion is introducing the new Professional Sensor Wires which are available in many different lengths. Like that they perfectly fit your vehicle. The high quality wires are equiped with high grade sensor connectors for highest reliability.

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Date added: 22/10/2014 Vortex VST2 Pro 550 2P 4.0T Motor for Short Course Trucks

Team Orion is introducing a new version of the successful VST2 Pro 550 size motor for Short Course Trucks with 4.0 turns. Check out the choice of 2014 4x4 Short Course ROAR US National Champion Dakotah Phend now!

The new design features the convenient dual sensor port system which allows the motor to be installed in your car in the best possible way. The empty port can be used to easily program your ESC through the motor. A protection cap for the second port is included. The VST2 Pro 550sized motor is equipped with a very robust aluminum case with an improved ventilation system for best cooling at every racing condition.

We used all our experience from our World Champion winning motors to create this brand new design. We use high quality stator materials and precision balanced rotors to give this power plant best power, efficiency and smoothness.


  • World champion technology
  • 2 pole sensor motor
  • New sensor design improves performance and efficiency
  • Dual sensor wire port
  • Alloy case with improved ventilation system
  • Low resistance solder tabs
  • High quality stator materials
  • Precision balanced rotor
  • Rotor installation tool

Technical Specifications

  • Current: 5.2A
  • Diameter w/o fins: 35.8mm
  • Efficiency: 92%
  • Max. Current: 110A
  • Poles: 2
  • Power: 950W
  • RPM @7.4V: 37740
  • RPM-V: 5100kV
  • Shaft Diameter: 5mm
  • Shaft length: 16.5mm
  • Turns: 4T
  • Adjustable Timing

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Date added: 22/10/2014 ESC and Motor Spare Parts

No matter if you need new screws, a replacement sensor module or ball bearings for your VST2 Pro motors - or if you want to replace the switch, the cables or the case of your Vortex R-series speed controllers: we keep you covered! Keep your products in best condition and repair your electronics with the wide range of spare parts available at Team Orion!

Spare Parts:

Product Pages:

Date added: 17/10/2014 Aigoin goes Team Orion

1/8 off-road buggy star and and French national champion Jerome Aigoin will be using Team Orion brushless power for 2015. Jerome will be using an R8 ESC, VST2Pro 690 brushless motors, Carbon Pro LiPo batteries and the Touch Duo charger to power his cars.

We are very happy to have him onboard and wish him a lot of success for 2015!
Date added: 16/10/2014 New PC Software and Setups for Vortex R-Series ESCs

Team Orion is proud to release a new USB LINK-PC software that allows you to program, update and increase the functionalities of your Team Orion ESC. This new release features an improved user interface along with the ability to import/export/print your ESC settings. As always each new release contains all the previously released ESC firmware updates.

New stock motor firmware
With this big release a new stock motor firmware for the R10Pro and R10.1Pro is included. This firmware further increases performance when using stock motors.

Update of the ORI65150 Program Box
Also included is a new firmware for the older ORI65150 DSB-R program box. Thanks to this update the program box is now compatible with the ORI65129 R8X ESC.

ESC Setups of the stars
We have added new ESC setup sheets from our star drivers. You can now try out their race winning setups and improve your own racing performance. Settings from US stars Ty Tessman, Dakota Phend, Ryan Cavalieri, Ryan Mayfield, Frank Root and European Champion Jorn Neumann are available!

Important notes:

  • A new USB Link software release does not automatically mean that there is a new software for your ESC!
  • Some ESC might have never had any update and will never have any updates
  • Different ESC types use different connection systems to connect to the program box, check your user manuals
  • The newer ORI65153 program box is not compatible with the entry level and boat RTR ESC (only compatible with ORI65101-102-103-104-105-107-108-109-115-116-119-120-125-128-129)
  • The older (now discontinued) ORI65150 program box can be made compatible with most ESC thanks to various firmware contained inside the USB Link software (not compatible with ORI65106-110-111-121-122-123-126).

Visit the PC-Software Download Page

Date added: 15/10/2014 New 4 Channel AC/DC Multi Chemistry Charger

The Advantage IQ-4X is a new high-tech battery management system for AA/AAA NIMH/NICD batteries and LiPo/LiFe micro batteries. This compact charger can charge, discharge, cycle, refresh and break-in your batteries. This helps you to keep them working optimally and allows you to evaluate their performance. The IQ-4X features four independent channels, which means that different functions and different types of cells can be used simultaneously; such as charging LiPo and NiMH cells at the same time. A large size LCD screen and bright LED, display data and provide function status monitoring. Extra charge settings (LiPo/Life charge end voltage, delta-peak, maximum charge temperature) are available, allowing the user to fine tune the charge characteristics. The charger is also equipped with a 5V/1A USB port to recharge mobile devices. The Team Orion design and a wide range of functionalities make this charger a unique product on the market.


  • 4 fully independent charge channels
  • Charge/discharge/cycle different types of batteries simultaneously
  • Charge, discharge, refresh, break-in, cycle mode
  • LCD screen displays charged/discharged capacity, internal resistance, average voltage, charge time, temperature (NIMH only), charge/discharge/cycle history
  • Compatible with NiMH/NiCd AAA/AA batteries and single cell 3.7/3.3V LiPo/LiFe batteries
  • Equipped with Mini-Z LiFe and Ultra Micro LiPo connectors
  • Adjustable Delta Peak Auto Cut-Off for NiMH/NiCd batteries
  • Adjustable charge end voltage
  • USB 5.0V/1A port for charging mobile devices
  • Adapter cables for JST, flat micro and square micro connectors available separately

Available in November 2014

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Date added: 15/10/2014 VST2 Sport Motors - Fixed Timing Sensor Brushless Motor

The VST2 Sport is a brand new design, based on the World Championship winning VST2 motor technology. Our goal was to reduce costs while maintaining the most important aspects of our brushless motor technology. We have achieved it, using a simpler two-piece milled aluminum can design along with a simpler sensor design. The VST2 Sport is the ideal choice for those who want to benefit from a high-performance sensor brushless motor technology but have to do so on a limited budget. Thanks to its fixed timing design, the VST2 Sport motor is also an ideal choice for race organizers; it offers more equal performance and facilitates technical inspection.


  • World Champion Technology
  • Sensor Brushless Motor
  • Fixed timing
  • Machined aluminum motor can
  • Highly efficient cooling
  • High performance 2-pole rotor
  • Simple and highly reliable design
  • Developed by Oscar Jansen
  • Plug&Play: equipped with cables and 4mm gold connectors

Available in November 2014

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Date added: 30/09/2014 Foord TQ + Win in SA Neo+ state series round 3!

Australian Orion team driver Andrew Foord took a Dominating win at round #3 of the South Australian Neo+ state series this past weekend. In his first big race with Orion engines Andrew managed to dominate Proceedings and TQ 4 from 6 rounds of qualifying and then covert his TQ into victory in the 2 x 20 minute Amains!

Here is what Andrew had to say: 'In my first big race with Orion engines my CRF 3 Port Buggy Factory Edition motor, 2058 pipe and #5 plug performed flawlessly. I am super Impressed with the Motor, it has a crisp power delivery, fantastic economy and is very conistent and easy to tune, i couldn't be happier with my Orion package! Big thanks to Adrien Bertin, Philippe Neidhart and Denis Johnstone for all the help an the opportunity to be a part of this great company!'
Date added: 30/09/2014 US Super Star Joins Team Orion Nitro Team

Team Orion proudly announces the signing of super star Ryan Maifield to their nitro factory team! The US driver who joined the electric section earlier this year will be using all Team Orion CRF nitro products in his cars from January 1st 2015. CRF team manager Adrien Bertin commented Ryan's decision as follows: "Drivers of the caliber of Ryan Maifield have their choice of engines to run. It is with great satisfaction that we welcome Ryan in our team and admire his decision to run with Team Orion CRF engines. It is another confirmation of our successful product and team strategy."

Ryan Maifield is one more US national champion who will be using full Team Orion equipment in his electric and nitro powered cars. Everyone at Team Orion is very excited about this addition to the nitro factory team!

Swiss based company Team Orion is the manufacturer of World Championship winning electronic speed controllers, brushless motors, batteries, chargers, engines and servos since 1987.

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Date added: 23/09/2014 Team Orion Touch V2

With the Advantage Touch 50W AC/DC charger Team Orion has presented an extraordinary charger at the toy fair in Nuremberg 2012. The unique and modern design, the shiny white case with the color touch screen centered on top of the charger were something the R/C world has never seen before. A brand new software has been designed which allowed the user to easily navigate - with just his fingers. Thanks to a charge assistant the charge, discharge, cycle, storage or balancing of a battery has never been easier and more fun than ever before. With the time Team Orion has added more and more chargers to the new Touch charger family: the Touch Pro DC for racers who wanted to discharge with high rates, the Touch Advance 100W AC/DC for every driver who needed some faster charging, keeping the advantages of an integrated power supply. Lately the Touch Duo has been added which is our first AC/DC Touch screen charger with two channels - it became a huge success!

Many magazines and websites have tested our charger - just to mention one statement we picked the one from RC Racer UK magazine: „The Advantage Touch is a re-think about making a charger super easy to use, presenting the extremely sophisticated electronics that work in the background to charge up your battery’s cells.“

Two years have passed since the release of the original Touch and we are proud to present the Touch V2 today. The V2 is a consequent advancement of the original Touch. It has more power (55W, up to 7A), features a new memory function for 6 battery settings and while for the original Touch you had to download a new firmware to change its language, the V2 has all 6 language packs pre-installed!

Of course the Touch V2 comes with all the same accessories and features all the other functions of the original Touch.

Part Numbers:
ORI30256 Advantage Touch Charger 55W 7A (EU)
ORI30257 Advantage Touch Charger 55W 7A (UK)
ORI30258 Advantage Touch Charger 55W 7A (USA)
ORI30259 Advantage Touch Charger 55W 7A (CH)
ORI30260 Advantage Touch Charger 55W 7A (JP)

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The new packaging of the Touch V2