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Date added: 30/06/2011 Star Photographer Michael Vincent Joins Team Orion

R/C conquers Hollywood: We are very proud to welcome star photographer Michael Vincent at Team Orion! Michael strengthens our team with glamour, glitter - and R/C driving talent! He had super stars like Run DMC, Snoop Dogg or Crazy Town in front of his lense and regularly produces cover pictures for magazines like DUB or FHM. You can already guess that often some hot girls are involved in his work, too - and we want you to be part of it!

Michael Vincent about his move to Team Orion:
"This is exiting! I'm very exited to be connected to the masters in the industry to the sport that I LOVE!!!!!!!"

We are very proud to work closely with Michael Vincent in the future. You can expect some crazy results of this collaboration. Check out soon!


Michael Vincent with DEV

DEV's new video Bass Down Low

Date added: 29/06/2011 Welcome, Dustin!

We are very proud to welcome the next super star in our international racing team: Dustin Evans joins Team Orion. The US driver who won the 2011 International Off-Road Race of Champions earlier this year with a Team Orion Vortex VST Pro Modified motor is going to use Team Orion motors and speed controllers at the upcoming World Championships in Finland. He will drive the all new R10 Pro Brushless System to power his Team Losi cars.

Dustin Evans about his move to Team Orion electronics:
"I am really exited to be joining Team Orion and their new line of Vortex motors and speed controllers. The Orion Vortex R10 Pro speed control has been the best speed control I have ever driven, with unmatchable breaks and a smooth power band making it one of a kind."

Team Orion is very proud to have the very strong American driver on board. With the new R-Series Brushless Systems Evans trusts on the best electronic components we ever built - and he will get the support of our international team. Welcome, Dustin!

Date added: 15/06/2011 Christopher Krapp wins Euro Warm Up with Team Orion

Last weekend the Warm Up race for the forthcoming European Championship 1/10 Electric Touring Cars was held in Traiskirchen in Austria, organizers of last years Buggy EC. The venue was a partly open hall used during winter as an ice hockey rink and the race attracted about 50 drivers from all over Europe. After 6 qualification rounds it was Christopher Krapp (Germany) driving a Kyosho TF-6 who took the pole position ahead of Yannic Prümper (Germany) and Dominik Fleischmann (Germany).

Yannic won the first A-final 2.5 seconds ahead of Christopher with Alexander Hagberg coming third another 2 seconds behind. The 2nd A-final had to be restarted after Marc Fischer hit the timing bridge at about 80 km/h. This time Christopher held the lead for the whole race with Yannic coming second and Martin Hudy (from the back of the grid) in third place. In the deciding 3rd A-final Yannic couldn’t match the pace of Christopher and had to give the second place to a very strong Alexander Hagberg.

Final Result:

1. Christopher Krapp (D) – Kyosho TF-6
2. Yannic Prümper (D) – Yokomo BD-5
3. Alexander Hagberg (S) – Xray T3′11
4. Martin Hudy (SK) – Xray T3′11
5. Marc Fischer (D) – Corally Phi X
6. Teemu Leino (SF) – Xray T3′11
7. Dominik Fleischmann (D) – HB TCX
8. Steen Graversen (DK) – Awesomatix 900
9. René Klöckner (D) – Tamiya TRF-417
10.Frederik Südhoff (D) – HB TCX

Chrissi used the following products to win:
ORI65102 Regler#Vortex R10 Pro Brushless, 2-3S
ORI68020 Servo#Vortex Digital VDS 1106
ORI14045 Carbon Pro 6500mAh 90C 7.4V Tubes
ORI28224 Vortex VST PRO Modified 4.5

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Date added: 07/06/2011 Kanai wins in China
The Japanese Team Orion driver Yuichi Kanai dominated the Buggy Cup in China.

The race was held in the northern part of Beijing from June 4-5 at perfect weather conditions. 61 1/8 Buggy drivers and 29 Truggy drivers attended the race.

Yuichi Kanai and his Team Orion powered Kyosho MP9 were a class of their own: Kanai showed his great talent by taking TQ position and the win with a big advance.

Date added: 07/06/2011 Ryan Cavalieri and Team Orion Wins ROAR 1/8 Buggy National Championship!

The 2011 ROAR 1/8 Off-Road Nitro Buggy and Truggy Nationals were held at Thunder Alley Raceway in Beaumont, California this past weekend. The weather was perfect all week long with temperatures in the 90's. Team Orion would come into the Nationals with once again a stacked Team. Jared Tebo swept this event last year for Team Orion winning both the 1/8 Buggy and Truggy titles and who is also coming off his big win at the NeoBuggy 2011 Race. Ryan Cavalieri who finished 2nd last year in Truggy was looking to take things 1 step further with a win this year. And current 1/8 World Champion Cody King who calls Thunder Alley his home track would round out the Big 3 for Team Orion! Team Orion's Engine Master Adrien Bertin was once again at the ROAR Nationals this year to assist all the Team Orion Drivers and Team Orion Customers thoughout the week.

Race Schedule:
Wednesday, June 1st - Two Rounds of 7-Minute Controlled Practice
Thursday, June 2nd - Two Rounds of 7-Minute Controlled Practice (each drivers 3 fastest consecutive laps would resort them into their qualifiers)
Friday, June 3rd - Two Rounds of 7-Minute Qualifiers
Saturday, June 4th - Two Rounds of 7-Minute Qualifiers/Lower Main Events
Sunday, June 5th - Lower Mains/Semi's/Main Events

Throughout qualifying in the 1/8 Buggy Class, it was a great battle between Team Orion Teammates Jared Tebo and Ryan Cavalieri. Jared Tebo would end up TQ'ing all 4 rounds of qualifying to have him start first in the 30-minute odd semi final. Ryan Cavalieri would finish 2nd to Tebo in rounds 3 and 4 of qualifying within a few seconds of his time. This would allow Cavalieri to qualify 2nd overall and he would start first in the 30-minute even semi final. Both Tebo and Cavalieri would go onto winning their semi finals in style, but it would be Cavalieri who had the fastest time by 7 seconds which would have him start first for the 1-hour A-Main Event. Cody King battled through the field in his semi final and would start 6th.

ROAR 1/8 Buggy 60-Minute A-Main Event Play by Play:
Lap #1 - The top half of the field got off to a clean start with Cavalieri leading, Tebo 2nd, Phend 3rd, Maifield 4th, and Kortz in 5th
Lap #4 - Jared Tebo makes it by Cavalieri for the race lead
Lap #12 - Tebo now has a 4 second lead on Cavalieri who is in 2nd, Maifield up to 3rd, Phend 4th, Robbers up to the 5th spot
Lap #20 - Tebo makes his first pit stop at 10:15 while leading, Maifield now takes over the lead, Cavalieri very close in 3rd
Lap #28 - Cavalieri makes a pass for the lead on Maifield, Tebo running 3rd within a few seconds of the lead
Lap #30 - Tebo passes Maifield for 2nd
Lap #35 - Tebo takes the lead, Maifield now in 2nd, Cavalieri in 3rd just pitted, Tessman in 4th, King making the move to 5th
Lap #39 - Tebo makes his second pit stop at the 20 minute mark, Cavalieri back to the lead with Maifield in 3rd
Lap #47 - Cavalieri is leading Tebo by only .2, Maifield is 8 seconds back from the battle for the lead
Lap #50 - Tebo passes Cavalieri for the lead
Lap #52 - Tebo has a mechanical issue in the berm while leading, Cavalieri close in 2nd has no where to go and makes contact with Tebo...Tebo is out, Cavalieri is now leading
Lap #55 - Cavalieri has a 5 second lead on 2nd place Maifield, Tessman in 3rd, King 4th, Phend 5th
Lap #59 - Tebo gets back out on the track in 11th place
Lap #65 - Cavalieri and Maifield put the entire field 2 laps down
Lap #70 - Cavalieri makes a pit stop, Maifield takes over the lead, King now up to 3rd
Lap #72 - Maifield makes his pit stop, now Cavalieri back to the lead
Lap #77 - Maifeld flames out while in 2nd and looses 1 1/2 laps to Cavaleri, Maifield still in 2nd, King still in 3rd 22 seconds back from Maifield
Lap #88 - Cavalieri out front still with 1 1/2 laps on Maifield in 2nd
Lap #96 - 10 minutes to go, the distance from Cavalieri to Maifield remains the same
Lap #103 - Closest battle on the track is between King in 3rd and Phend in 4th
Lap #104 - Phend now moves infront of King for 3rd
Lap #108 - Cavalieri with a big lead comes in for a splash and go to be safe
Lap #113 - 1-Minute to go for Cavaleri!
Lap #116 - Cavalieri is the only one to make it by for the extra lap and takes home the ROAR 1/8 Buggy National Championship!

2011 ROAR Nats Buggy Final from on Vimeo.

Congrats also goes out to Jared Tebo for pulling the double TQ at this years ROAR Nationals in 1/8 Buggy and Truggy. Tebo went on to finish a very strong 2nd overall in Truggy after having a great battle with Maifield for most of the main! Extra Special Thanks to Phil at NeoBuggy for the Great Pictures!