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Date d'ajout: 30/07/2012 Jilles Groskamp & Team Orion IFMAR World Champions!

World Championship Cover

The 2012 IFMAR Touring Car World Championships were held in Heemstede, The Netherlands July 25-28. Team Orion's Ace Jilles Groskamp started his racing career some 20 years ago at this very track. Jilles who has lived in Thailand for the past couple years working very closely with the development of Team Orion Products, was very excited to get back to where it all began.

Title Quali

In qualifying Team Orion's Jilles Groskamp was very quick. Jilles put in many fast runs including a TQ in Round #4 of Qualifying. Jilles would just miss the overall TQ for the event by only 2 points. This would be good enough for Jilles to start 3rd on the grid for the Triple A-Main Event format giving him a great shot at the win.

Title A Main #1

In A-Main #1 Jilles got a good start from the 3rd position. After lap #1 it was Hara leading with Volker in 2nd and Jilles close by in 3rd. Now 1-minute into the race Volker tries to go inside on Hara for the lead and they touch. Volker goes flying off the track and Hara remains in the lead. Jilles did a great job avoiding the crash and checks up for Hara and Wilck gets by for 2nd. Jilles showed great patience running 3rd with allot of time left on the clock. Almost at the halfway point of the race its Hara still leading, Wilck in 2nd, and Jilles in 3rd. 1 lap later Wilck looses traction in the hairpin and spins out into the grass, Jilles now into 2nd! With 2-minutes remaining Jilles put his head down and started to lay down fast lap after lap to reel in Hara.

With 1-minute left to go in the race Hara goes a little wide and Jilles gets by to take the lead! Hara then gets by Jilles a few corners later. What an awesome race! With 1 lap to go, Jilles was now right behind was going to come down to this. With only a few corners left, Jilles knew he had to make a pass and make it fast. Coming around the hairpin, Jilles took full advantage of his Team Orion Power and rockets by Hara through the last chicane right before the finish line as time runs out. Jilles would take A-Main #1 by .1s over Hara!

Title A Main #2

In A-Main #2 things didnt go Jilles way and he was forced to retire early finishing with a 10th overall. His quest for his 1st World Championship would come down to the 3rd and Final A-Main.

Title A Main #3

A-Main #3 would decide the New Touring Car World Champion. A quick recap: Jilles had a 1st and Hara had a 2nd from A-Main #1, Volker had a 1st and Naoto had a 2nd from A-Main #2. Wilck finished 3rd in both A-Main #1 & A-Main #2. At the start of the tone it was Hara leading over Volker with Jilles in 3rd. Jilles gets by Volker and now its Hara leading over Jilles only 2-minutes into the race. Hara and Jilles stretch out their lead over 3rd and now its a 2 horse race for the World Championship. Jilles would pace Hara for the next 2-minutes taking the World Championship down to the last minute. Jilles Team Orion R10 Pro ESC provided him with the perfect balance of power and exceptional braking to stay close to Hara and keep the pressure on.

With 1 lap to go, Jilles Team Orion Powered TRF ride remained the same as his first lap letting off many times not to come together with Hara. Jilles could hear the pace throughout the Main Event and knew he didnt have to pass Hara to Win the overall. As time ran out, Hara would take the win for A-Main #3 with Jilles finishing only .3 behind for 2nd. Now with Jilles and Hara both finshing with a 1st and 2nd for points, the IFMAR tie-breaker is the single fastest A-Main Winning Time. Jilles A-Main #1 time was just over 2 seconds faster than Hara's A-Main #3 time...this making Jilles Groskamp the 2012 IFMAR Touring Car World Champion!

IFMAR Touring Car Overall Finishing Order
  Driver ESC Motor Battery
1 Jilles Groskamp Team Orion Team Orion Team Orion
2 Atsushi Hara (TQ)      
3 Ronald Voelker      
4 Naota Matsukura      
5 Viktor Wilck      
6 Loic Jasmin      
7 Christopher Krapp Team Orion Team Orion Team Orion
8 Andy Moore      
9 Chris Grainger      
10 Marc Rheinard      

World Champion Winning Equipment

World Champions

2012 marks Team Orion's 25th Anniversary which they celebrate with their 13th World Championship!

This would also mark Team Orion's 1st World Championship with their NEW Vortex R10 Pro ESC!

World Champion Factory

Groskamp adds his name to the prestigous list of Team Orion World Championship Winning Drivers!

#13 2012 Jilles Groskamp / 1/10 Touring Car: Team Orion ESC, Motor, & Batteries
#12 2011 Ryan Cavalieri / Finland / 1/10 2wd Buggy: Team Orion Motor & Batteries
#11 2011 Ryan Cavalieri / Finland / 1/10 4wd Buggy: Team Orion Motor & Batteries
#10 2010 Cody King / Thailand / 1/8 Buggy: Team Orion CRF Engine
#9 2006 Andy Moore / Italy / 1/10 Touring Car: Team Orion V2 Motor & Batteries
#8 2004 Marc Rheinard / USA / 1/10 Touring Car: Team Orion V2 Motor & Batteries

#7 2001 Jukka Steenari / South Africa / 1/10 4wd Buggy: Team Orion Motor & Batteries
#6 1999 Jukka Steenari / Finland / 1/10 4wd Buggy: Team Orion Motor & Batteries
#5 1996 Mike Swauger / USA / 1/10 On-Road: Team Orion Batteries
#4 1995 Matt Francis / Japan / 1/10 2wd Buggy: Team Orion Batteries
#3 1995 Mark Pavidis / Japan / 1/10 4wd Buggy: Team Orion Batteries
#2 1994 Masami Hirosaka / Germany / 1/10 On-Road: Team Orion Receiver Batteries
#1 1994 David Spashett / France / 1/12 On-Road: Team Orion Batteries

*Team Orion is known world-wide for providing excellent support to their drivers and helping them reach their goals of a World Championship. Each of the drivers highlighted above in RED have Won their 1st World Championship with Team Orion!

Jilles celebrates with Team Orion R&D manager Oscar Jansen

A Main Finalists

Team Orion team drivers at the worlds

Christopher Krapp finishes on 7th position. Congratulations!!!

World Champion Jilles Groskamp kisses his well deserved trophy

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