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Dear customer,

We previously deactivated this page because of several reasons. We have seen that this deactivation has confused some of our valuable customers because the page seemed to not be working. That's why we show it again in order to make things clear.

Reasons for the deactivation were:

  • After the first Touch 50W charger came out in 2012 we have continuously improved the chargers during the following months and provided several firmware upgrades. These upgrades have all been added to the new chargers shipped out later.
  • As all the new features have been included in the firmware of the new chargers (Touch Advance, Touch Pro, Touch Duo) we decided to not show the firmware upgrade page anymore as long as we do not have an upgrade available.
  • Some customers tried to install an old firmware from 2012 on their chargers of 2014 which caused serious problems. This was an important reason for us to stop showing the upgrade page anymore - 90% of the very first models have been upgraded already through our pages. Whenever a customer requested an upgrade we provided it for free, checking first that he will install it on the correct model.
  • Whenever a new firmware is available we will again inform our customers on the website.

Thanks a lot for your understanding - and sorry for all those customers who tried to visit this page without any success!

Important note for owners of the Touch Advance 100W
(ONLY: ORI30207, ORI30208, ORI30209, ORI30210, ORI30211, ORI30212):

If you bought one of the early models of Touch Advance 100W chargers and you do not have the memory function (which can be found when clicking on the + button on top right of the screen), then we provide you a free firmware upgrade! As we need to know the serial number of the charger to provide you with the correct software, please contact us per e-mail supplying your charger's serial number which can be found on the bottom of the case and the part number of your product.

Thanks a lot for your loyalty.

Team Orion

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